Trending Bridal Entry Ideas For 2016/2017 To Bookmark

‘Din Shagna Da’ is playing in the background and all eyes are on you and your eyes are on your to be husband. It’s THAT moment everyone’s been waiting for – your bridal entry.  But let’s not forget that above your head lies the traditional phoolon ki chaadar (literally translating to ‘the blanket of flowers’), being held up by your brothers. There traditional options for your ‘phoolon ki chaadar’  and there are some really cool modern takes on this adorable custom. Here’s all that’s trending and our pros+ cons analysis to help you pick the perfect one!

1. Fabrics & Weaves

Go for something that holds meaning in your culture (e.g. Phulkari for the Punjabi bride) or something simply exquisite (See the lace one below!) This is great if you’re looking to make a stylish impact, be eco-friendly and is awesome for the sentimental bride because you’ll get to preserve this ‘fabric of love’ for a lifetime 🙂

bridal entry ideas
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bridal entry ideas

2. Romantic Roses

One of my favourite details from Asin’s wedding was they way she used the elegant rose in different ways – including her phoolon ki chaadar. The traditional rose & tuberose combo is an evergreen classic but there are so many interesting interpretations of the romantic rose.

Pros: Looks classy, sophisticated and traditional. Tends to go well with almost all bridal attire so it won’t look jarring in the pictures.

thequint-2016-01-3508d7ec-f370-4278-9cfb-036630dee608-3 radh

bridal entrance ideas
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phoolon ki chaadar bridal entrance ideas
(c) Atul Pratap Chauhan

3. The Kaleera Chaadar

Who doesn’t love Kaleeras! Remember Nimrat Kaur’s sister’s wedding? We loved the kaleera version of the phoolon ki chaadar!

Pros: So ‘wedding-y’ and goes with all wedding outfits and looks so it will never look jarring. And making the kaleera chaadar can be a fun, girly DIY project for you, your aunties and your besties to bond over 🙂

bridal entrance ideas kaleera phoolon ki chaadar bridal entrance ideas

4. The ‘Customized’ Florals

Want something more exotic? People are going for everything from orchids, marigolds, jasmine, astors and more.

Pros: You can pick something that works in sync with your wedding decor or outfit or theme. And you can make it as ‘budget-friendly’ as you’d like!

Tip: Pastel hued florals are seriously trending!


orchidscreative couplle mogra

5. Chaadar of Lights!

I firmly believe that anything with fairylights become automatically awesome and magical. We first saw the ‘chaadar’ with lights in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (that movie which caused way too much wedding envy!) and we still think it’s such a beautiful idea!  (See from 2:00!)

So that’s that! Have you come across a phoolon ki chaadar that you love?  Comment below or tag us @indearweddings. Either way, here’s hoping whatever be the ‘phoolon ki chaadar’ above your head, as you make your bridal entry, in front of you stands the man of your dreams.

Much love,

Devika xx

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