Top Bar Decor Trends For 2017

Food + Dancing + Open bar = Serious fun *Chadhi Mujhe Yaari Teri Aisi Jaise Daaru Desi*

Everyone knows that we should have flowers and candles and decorate the tables and some part of the venue for the ceremony, but what about the places where your guests will be spending most of the time during your wedding functions? Like a bar! You know, where the uncles will get their whiskey, where your younger cousins will try and sneak in a breezer, where your school and college friends will grab their shots. And possibly, where your school friend and college classmate might find true love? While not much might be remembered from the night, a memorable bar, might just be! Continue reading “Top Bar Decor Trends For 2017”

9 *FRESH* Wedding Decor Ideas That Don’t Involve Flowers!

Never imagined kites as placemats? Or kalirey as stage backdrops? Well we didn’t either!

Gone are the days when we use to decorate our weddings just with flowers and lights. But it doesn’t have to be that boring anymore! There are so many creative decor elements that you can use to make your wedding decor fun and memorable!

Continue reading “9 *FRESH* Wedding Decor Ideas That Don’t Involve Flowers!”